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Meaningfully, Creatively, Inclusively : ARTDIALOGO is on its 5th cycle in Kuala Lumpur

“Shared values can pave way to marvelous collaborations that adds value to the lives of others”

As we move forward as a society we learn to be more creative in learning to live together despite differences. Our creativity has led to many innovative solutions in mitigating social issues that deter as to move forward. It led us to open up and foster a culture of camaraderie. ARTDIALOGO 2019 Southeast Asia is an example of a good project bringing people, ideas and culture together using creativity.

Its 5th cycle has commenced last November 15-19, 2019 and convened 23 Southeast Asian. The 5-Day cross cultural and community engagement program for artists and educators aim to develop a creative synergy that promotes understanding, unity in diversity and empowerment of communities specially for children and youth.

For this cycle, it is enrolled as part of the ART EMPOWERMENT Initiative 2019 co- organized by Soka Gakka Malaysia,Malaysia Art Society and Artdialogo Asia and supported by Hartamas Shopping Center, Tuck Sun Logistics, Soroptomist International Seremban and Damas Suites and Residences. Along with the celebration of culture and the participation of the community is the successful launch of the art exhibition “Hue of Happiness” last November 16, 2019 at Wisma Kebudayaan Soka Gakkai. The art exhibition featured 46 masterpieces of the participating artists. The art exhibition is open to the public until the 8th of December 2019.

The art exhibition depicted and shared the transcendence, definition and realization of happiness of each artist. “It is a special collection as it circumnavigated around Southeast Asia, and all participating artists were chosen according to their contribution in making the world or their community a happier place”, Shireen Lee, Hues of Happiness Art exhibition curator, said.

A forum on value of creation using art shared best practices of community leaders, artists and educators to the public. Speakers were Maxi Ramos of Buneas Artes Art Facility, Honey Khor representing colors of Cambodia, Soh Yi Da, a youth cum community ldear (ASEAN Youth Fellow), and Robert Hayden of INSEA.

On the 17th of November 2019, ARTDIALOGO 2019 Southeast Asia carried out its series of concurrent curated workshops that aimed to create a more inclusive society while promoting solidarity and the value of ones heritage and culture.

The Father of Philippine Art workshops, Maestro Fernando Sena enthusiastically gave a workshop attended by children and youth of various backgrounds. Maestro Sena, Atty.Miriam Daway, and Maxi Ramos (all from the Philippines) shared the importance of knowing oneself through the elements of art and as an output, the children participating the workshop managed to learn how to draw. True enough, art has its way to make you realize that nothing is impossible and through art, we take out inhibitions embracing our true self and allowing us to learn or re-learn.

A workshop on the performing arts entitled Southeast Asia by moves was also rendered and conducted by the Laos Student’s Association in Malaysia together with Division of School’s

Malabon educators led by Ms. Analiza B. DeLeon.During the workshop, there were exchanges and dance moves and presentations of heritage. Swift hand gestures and foot works of Laotian traditional dances were taught to the workshop goers while the Philippine dance “Tinikling” was introduced in the latter part of the workshop. Malaysian artists led by Pak Khalid Othman and Ms. Ang Kooi Yong rendered a workshop on the importance of knowing ones heritage using drawing.

There were an array of workshops to choose from on that day and the enthusiasm of the artist, children, parents, and people of different backgrounds made ARTDIALOGO’s cross cultural workshop a festivity. A mural painting was also installed on that day. “The wall maybe big but together with everyone, we can surely create a work of meaningful art” Nazurah Usop, Bruneian Artist said during the Mural making activity at Hartamas Shopping

Center. She is one of the participating artist who led the crowd in creating a work of art that symbolizes unity in diversity. This kind of activity can harness cooperation of people regardless of differences.

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