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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

“….. In fact, under the ASEAN Social Cultural Community, Arts is one of the ways identified to enhance People-to People contact. … The masses needed to be reminded that the role of Arts had been playing and will continue to play in connecting peoples of different cultures, race, language, religions, gender, communities and citizenships.

It is not just a hobby but a valuable and powerful tool that could be used to connect peoples at all levels. “ -Ms. Sharifah Ezneeda Wafa, Counsellor, Embassy of Malaysia, Philippines; excerpt from ARTDIALOGO 2017 Keynote speech Art has the ability to draw endless potentials. It is a tool to elaborate and define the superlatives of a situation. hence, it is really moving.

This year ARTDIALOGO 2017 is showcased as one of the programs of the Local government Unit of Angono Rizal for its annual celebration of the Higantes Festival. The 5 day program which was formally opened last November 18, 2017 opened doors to explore good and creative synergies among Filipinos and Foreign artists from Asia and Europe.“

Through ARTDIALOGO, we are able to advocate intercultural dialogues and the Global goals,and share the gifts of our bountiful cultural and artistic heritage and tell our stories as peoples of Angono, Rizal. ARTDIALOGO made us internationalize our goals. “ said Mayor Gerry V. Calderon of Angono Rizal.

The Opening Program was graced by dignitaries from the Malaysian Embassy who has been a partner of the said program since 2016. ARTDIALOGO is at its 3rd cycle with a more inclusive program tailor fit for artists, educators and young people. It is with series of lessons in life that made its founder realize ARTDIALOGO. .

It is fascinating how ideas can change perspectives and make things work, and to date it has grown and opened more doors as she melange her passion for the arts and community development. Peoples from different walks of life were present at the opening ceremony at SM Center Angono, Rizal Cinema 4.

A forum on intercultural dialogue and mechanisms of a creative economy was introduced to the audience. Ms. Sharifah Ezneeda Wafa, the counsellor of the Malaysian Embassy graced the event and gave her keynote speech on transcending the role of art in uniting people and cultures. It was well received by the audience and through this kind of interactions, Malaysian culture in particular is becoming closer to Filipinos.

ARTDIALOGO 2017 also had series of workshops by prominent artists both local and abroad. Maestro Fernando Sena , the father of Philippine Art workshops gave a fun filled basic drawing and sketching workshop as it is simultaneously running with Mehndi Art workshop to introduce the marvels of Indian Heritage by Ms Shiyamala Subramaniam, international artist; Transmedia and mixed media art workshop by Mr. Orville Tiamson, Angono-based artist and educator; and an Introduction to Malaysian diversity through Chinese ink art by Calligraphy masters Mr. Ng Poh Kong and Mr. Micahel Yee.

Artists also installed a mural on unity in Diversity at the Angono Binangonan Rizal Tunnel at Thunderbird Resort, and enjoyed the hospitality of the art capital of the Philippines for the whole 5 days and celebrated at the Opening of the Higantes Festival.

This program of ARTDIALOGO ASIA Is made possible through the participation and support of all the international and local artists; and the generosity of the local Government Unit of Angono Rizal and its Angono Cultural Heritage Office; Regional Lead School of Angono Rizal, SM Center Angono, Buenas Artes Art Facility, and Tiamson Art Gallery; and partners such as funded by EU and the rotary club of Alabang Daanghari.

ARTDIALOGO 2017 also thanks its sponsors: Boysen Philippines, Chives, and Aquatech. NCCA International Affairs’ Ms. Veron Amboni with Amb. J. Eduardo Malaya Happy Learners of various Malaysian form of art. (Mehndi and Chinese ink painting) Participants for the workshops striking a post with ARTDIALOGO’s founder , Anna Karina Jardin and Father of Philippine Art workshop, Maestro Fernando Sena INSEA’s World Council for Asia and the Pacific, Mr. Robert Hayden Jr at his plenary session

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