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Sharing our creative ways in Central Asia : Children's Art Festival 2018, Almaty, Kazakhstan

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist an artist when you grow up”

Pablo Picasso

Art is one of the ways to understanding different culture and fostering friendship. Through that universal language, people, cultures and ideas can find unity in diversity.Art is a great tool to inculcate many good things to the minds of the young people. Children of different backgrounds would be able to gauge anything when creativity is present. Surely, Cross cultural communications would be a heavy topic for children to digest yet through a creative manner, it can be addressed and enjoyed by them.

Kazakhstan hosted a cross creative and cultural learning as last March 19-25th the City of Administration of Almaty , The Children are Painting the World” Social Fund, “Art Invest” Education Center, and Specialized Gymnasium № 199 organized a Children’s festival highlighting the series of Plein-Air Master classes in dedication as well to the 165th year anniversary of Van Gogh and promote cultural solidarity beyond the region as this year, Philippines is highlighted.

Our Founding artist , Anna Karina Jardin has been invited to give series of master classes by the organizers and received commendation from the organizers for her contribution in promoting children’s rights and creativity. With the support of the Honorary Consulate of Kazakhstan in the Philippines and the National Youth Commission, we have creatively touched lives and inspired children and youth in Central Asia. “With Artdialogo Asia’s workshops and presence in Almaty, Central Asia has been touched by creativity the specifically the filipino way and we are thankful as other lecturers can also learn from her methods of teaching children.” Moldira Bekzhan, Founder of The Children of the World Social Fund said.

Philippine’s national pride and customaries were also presented in the masterclasses through making the Philippine jeepneys be known by learners. It is beyond art for our founding artist (Jardin), as she uses art as a tool to promote better understanding and cooperation among people of all ages. All participants were introduced to pertinent facts and ideas about how Filipinos live and its beauty. The children enjoyed doing the Mano Po“ which is a sign of respect in greeting the elders.

With this, we marked our partnership with Children are painting the world as their ASEAN region partner in uplifting the morale of children and youth through the arts. Truly, with meaningful partnerships We would could go beyond the aesthetics of art and with connect to world, and let children aspire for more and learn the value of good character.

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