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ART UP! Launches Offline in Malaysia

By: Winfred Alec Pasimio Llaneta

Art is universal. A language binding us all and sets out motions in tune as every day we create art in our own lives, whether it be in the words spoken, actions done, or a life lived, we make marks of innovation today for the future. Its role has also maximize voices to be heard and dreams to be nurtured specially of today's children.

ART UP! is an art empowerment program designed for children of different backgrounds that was launched last year online and has been enjoyed and participated by children across ASEAN, Australia and Europe. It unlocks the untold creative muse of children, whilst simultaneously encouraging the exploration of other cultures, invoking understanding and empathy among its learners. This 2022, ART UP! Has finally been felt by the children and parents of the community in Malaysia. Though COVID health paremeters may have limited our movements and interactions but not the value of art for community development.

Through collaborations, Artdialago Asia together with Pusat Tuisyen Sinarran Impain, has delighted and shared the importance of saving the environment through a creative manner. 80 children and their parents were present at the program. ART UP! focused on environmental awareness and community development through the creation of a paper collage of the Philippine hawk-eagle and the event's main piece; a tree with its leaves made of hand paper cut-outs of the children. The tree symbolising the untold potential of children, if harnessed, grows to something that meets the needs of the community and perhaps the world. Indeed, there are none as creative as children.

Artdialogo would like to thank the staff of Pusat Tuisyen Sinarran Impain,volunteers, the learners and the whole community for making ART UP! a blast and one to remember on how beautiful the sound of a one hand clap is for together is our way to sustain our energies and move forward.

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