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Celebrating ASEAN day and its youth creatively

In celebration of ASEAN and in alignment with the ASEAN Youth Leaders meeting on Youth Peace, Security’s agenda; Artdialogo Asia has taken part at the Asean Youth Leaders meeting through spearheading a creative cross cultural workshop addressing a better understanding of cultures and mitigate prejudices and stereotypes.The event gathered almost 200 young people across the region.

The meeting to celebrate ASEAN last August 8, 2020 was organized by the Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation (CAYC), Asian Youth Peace Network, UNESCO Bangkok, ASEAN Youth for Peace Group,ASEAN.

Some of the participants from the workshop sharing their output from the creative workshop sharing perspectives and impressions of countries assigned to them.

Through the creative approach that we have implored in the workshop, we have managed to engage all the learners into sharing their input on how we can prompt a growth mindset and enrich ourselves as individuals using a cultural paradigm. Culture and society evolves over time; through this creativity exercise that we will be doing, we would also have a birds eye view on what or if the youth of today positively contributes on today’s society in preserving and knowing about their heritage as citizens of ASEAN.

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