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A tribute video to COVID19 Front liners from children across 6 countries

This is collaborative video campaign jointly produced together with our partners; Children are Painting the World, Let's art Korea and the Flying Elephant Art School as a culmination of our "A salute to Front liners around the world " International Art competition. Truly, this marks a new era of collaboration and establish a more meaningful cross cultural relation among 6 participating countries across Asia. The art contest aimed to maximize the role of art in uplifting the  morale of children and youth and be heard creatively on how they view the  COVID19 Pandemic from their perspectives. This video is a collective way for us to also share our gratitude as well to all the front liners across the world.

On a lighter note, the Pandemic has taught us to be resilient and work creatively together and create a colorful tapestry of solidarity.

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