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Artdialogo in 2021: A Year of Colorful Service and Gratitude

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Written by: Ace Castell

Graphic design by: Aliah Hadjirul

"In union, there is strength." -Aesop

The second year of the pandemic has undoubtedly been difficult for many. It is as if the rise of COVID-19 cases brought with it a rapidly declining hope, thus shrouding everyone with fear and uncertainty.

Still, 2021 was also a year of establishing stronger foundations, and rekindling new sparks of hope. It is with this reason that Artdialogo Asia remained steadfast in their commitment in using the arts to unite beyond borders. As the founder, Ms. Anna Karina Jardin, once said, "Our work beyond borders continue to flourish through sustainable partnerships and projects." With 14 projects and 51 partner organizations, Artdialogo Asia was able to impact over 7000 individuals. In the year of 2021, Artdialogo did not stray from their mission despite the pandemic's many hindrances. Instead, they were able to think more, create more, and impact more all for their dear artists and art educators. The year of 2021 may have posed several hurdles, but Artdialogo Asia was still able to cultivate an environment of perseverance, beginnings, and art; and they are grateful for having shared all this with their trusted members.

To see a detailed overview of Artdialogo Asia's achievements in 2021, their newsletter may be viewed through the file below:

Artdialogo Asia 2021 Newsletter - Impact Palette
Download PDF • 57.93MB

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