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Sharing Our Milestones at ARTUNIFY Fest 2023

Malaysia, Dec 9 2023 : ArtUnify Fest 2023 at Taylor's College was a success!

We are truly honored to share Our work on the ground in paving the way for artists and art educators to internationalise their efforts in building more inclusive communities and connecting cultures.

Our Founding artist Anna Karina Jardin  shared her experience and our stories as a collective through our projects across the world that fosters joy and hope in communities and children that we are able to reach with the power of creativity and art.

Students studying International Relations and Arts that were present at the interactive lecture on maximizing art for diplomacy were inspired by her experience as she navigated places across the world to make an impact through her passion and combined it with her background on International Relations and Development policy.

"It is through Creative Collaborations that we are able to find solutions that are people centric. It is through our collective efforts that we will be able to maximize and sustain the goodness of humanity"

Taylor's College 

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