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"She matters" creative leadership program for girls of kicks off in Malaysia

According to the New York University Child Study Center, self esteem of girl peeks when they are 9 years of age. Self-esteem has a significant and long term effects of a person’s life. It needs to be nurtured so individuals in general can have a growth mindset. Girls especially should learn the value of it and self worth for them to make right choices in life and thrive in the future.

A growth mindset can lead to success and happiness in the future. In c

The particular program is supported by Negri Sembilan, Soroptomist International Seremban, Powerhouse Wanita Gemilang, Office of YB Nicole Tan Lee Koon and Jabatan Pembangun Wanita spearheaded “She Matters”, a creative leadership workshop in cooperation with Artdialogo Asia, Malaysia Art Society and Soka Gakkai Malaysia. “She Matters” Creative Leadership Workshop commenced last April 27, 2019 at Rumah Kanak Kanak Rembau benefiting girls of different backgrounds. The program opts to maximize the role of art and creativity in nurturing self esteem, leadership skills and self worth of girls attending the program.

The program is consisted of a lecture on self worth and self-esteem. Nurturing leaders can only happen through sparking hope, and instilling the value of self esteem. The input-output based workshop started through a creative interaction through creating their “Dream Cards”. All the girls created their name cards with their dream career and introduced themselves through a game. It was a fun filled experience for everyone.

The whole workshop was filled with sharing of hopes and aspirations, colors,music, talents and enthusiastic vibes. Hence, the program values the potential of each and everyone. Soroptomist International- Seremban President Jenny Wang gave an inspirational talk for the girls and the program that is filled with creativity was rendered by Artdialogo Asia's Founding artist Artist, Anna Karina Jardin ,together with SGM’s Ee Vee Lim and Bruneian artist who is also one of the participating artists for ARTDIALOGO 2019 Southeast Asia and Hues of happiness art exhibition, Nazurah Usop.

Through art,the girls experienced the process of gaining, owning and nurturing their potentials as they create their own masterpieces which brought happiness and fulfillment at the end of the program. Through the activities, the girls realized the importance of looking past through their flaws and rather focus on what they can do and help develop their positive thinking. Their artworks are testaments to it.

Soroptomist International Seremban members and volunteers present at the workshop added joy and hope to the girls as seen through the beautiful masterpieces that the girls have created that day. Through collaborations and using creativity we can surely impact communities better!

“She matters” creative leadership program for girls is one of the workshop series ran together with ART EMPOWERMENT 2019, a year long initiative that we in, Sorptomist International Seremban collaborated with Artdialogo Asia, Soka Gakkai Malaysia and Malaysia Art Society.

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